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led astray

January 2013

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mother, mother

I'm not playing your twisted games anymore.  It's going to look, from the outside, that I am being cold and cruel.  But how this works is that I get to ignore you.  I don't care how you got my address.  I don't care what you put my sister up to writing in that card.  I'm not making any phonecalls over this.  I'm not writing back.  You are a sick, sad woman and I pity the loss of a sharp mind.  You could have done great things with your life.  You will not stop me from doing great things with my life.  I'm sorry you're not getting enough attention and felt the need to drum some up by shaking the hornet's nest.  The insects learned that anyplace within your reach was not a safe place to build.  That nest has been abandoned.  Shake it until it is nothing but ashes in your mouth.  You will hear no buzz. 


Good for you.

I'm sorry she got your address; what total crap.

She sent a school picture of my sister, who looks miserable.

I'm sorry your mom is a manipulative bitch. It isn't fair, it sucks, and none of that is helpful when confronted by just how much it sucks.
Just toss it.
You're right. I don't think my sister wanted me to have that picture in the first place. It's a school photo of a socially inept, troubled girl with no self-esteem and no relationship with me. She wouldn't want me to save it.
The card, too. Anything you get like that that touches too close to home, trash it and get it out of your life.
I realize this is my answer to lots of stuff but:

Just burn it.