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led astray

January 2013

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I don't expect to be online much this weekend.  There is a trip to Ct.  I'm calling it a mental health trip.  I need to get out of the house, be active and social, and stay connected with my friends.  I believe this will work to counter the agoraphobia and depression.

The world remains an awful place to exist, not just for me.  My sister and her husband had been trying to get pregnant and had finally succeeded.  The other day she went to the ER to discover it was eptopic (the egg didn't make it to her uterus and was growing in her fallopian tube).  While she waited TO BE SEEN in the ER for 13 FUCKING HOURS, her tube ruptured and they wound up having to remove it.  She goes back in two weks to check on the healing and see IF SHE CAN STILL HAVE BABIES AT ALL!!  When she gets off Percoset, I will be encouraging her to sue their negligent asses.  As the only member of my blood family I am currently speaking to, I'm a little defensive of her.  I'll be going down there in December and if she doesn't do something about it, I fucking will!

On a more positive note, I made it to work today, thanks again and much props to the Hoyce.  I wore My First Sweater outside for the first time. :D


Oh my God. 13 hours with a ruptured fallopian tube?! Thank goodness she didn't bleed to death, and I hope she's going to be ok in the long run. LAWSUIT.

I do not understand how things like this can happen.... Yes. Your sister should be suing the stuffing out of that hospital.

That Hoyce... He's somethin' else! :)

With a ruptured tube *and* having to remove an ovary... even if she doesn't go into early menopause, she could still win a suit for negligence. And, no matter what, she should report the docs to the licensing boards for negligence.

Absolutely ludicrous.

::big hugs::