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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

cleared for take-off

 I feel...prety ok today.  I got up on time, sold some blood to cover my idiotic yarn purchase last night, and got to work.  Hoo-rah!!  I made a macro (as you can see).  My chest pains are gone.  I'm going to still check in with the clinic because it's just a good idea.  I have to take care of myself.

Yarn moment:
I want to take this moment to give props to Malabrigo for being awsome.  I got some chunky and some lace from them yesterday.  And I kick myself every time I make someone else something from Malabrigo because I always want it for myself.  But I have a hat from sistahraven, so for now I content myself with that.  I took a bunch of pics of projects and will put them up on ravelry.  When I remember and I'm at home and stuff.  If any of you are on, I'm Issy.  The yarn for Hoyce's sweater should be here today.  *crosses digits*  It was more than 50% off thanks to Webs.  Still wicked expensive though.  Going to try to crank out some little accessories to sell at school in hopes of restoring flow to the stash.  It's getting stagnant.

I'm pretty wonky from selling blood, so I'm ging to go knit some chunky Malabrigo scarf.  Envy me.  I'm getting paid.


what's ravelry?
It's a knitting community. It's in beta testing, whatever that means. www.ravelry.com There's places to keep track of your stash, projects, your friends' stuff, communities and blogs and stuff. :-) I like that I can show off pics. Now I just have to go upload some...