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led astray

January 2013

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do what?

dear medical professionals

I understand there are hours of operation, but with as much money as you fuckers make, it would be nice if the on-call people could get a hold of you a little before work when one of your patients is having chest pains and convulsions.  I shouldn't have to wait an hour, call twice, and have 2 different people call me to tell me they couldn't reach you before you call to tell me that I need to see someone else.  Thanks for nothing.

School health clinic: you are my primary care, yet you don't have a doctor on staff today.  Yet when I call to ask for a referral for said same chest pains and convulsions, you tell me I need to come in to see a nurse practitioner.  School is an hour and a half away, while the physician is mere blocks.  Can I just have a NP call me back, tell me that she cannot, in fact, help me (saving me the trip) and give me a referral?  Yes?  Ok, that was also an hour ago. 

Meanwhile, the spasms have stopped but my chest is still feeling bruised.  I don't want to go to the ER.  I don't think I'm having a heart attack, but I do want to know WTF is going on and if I do need to be worried.  The ER is the most expensive way to find out anything and I would like to leave the services for someone who may be in actual crisis, not just being ignored by her medical professionals.

Fuck you and your profession.


*hugs* Still here if you need me.
They have to treat you even if you can not afford treatment. That's the law. *hugs!*
It's the bills that roll in later that get me.