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led astray

January 2013

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1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

This is way too much fun to pass up.  Issy, Tamsen, Quinn, and Dandy.

How old are you?

Issy: 28

Tamsen: 7.  I'm grown now.

Quinn: That is not important, and none of your business.

Dandy: 157 mortal years...I think...but I prefer to count by colors.  By colors, I'm purple and gold swirls with green sparkles.


What's your height?

Issy: Rather shortish.

Tamsen: Not as tall as my sister, but tall enough to whoop her butt.

Quinn: 5 feet, 5 inches.  Why?

Dandy: Ummmm, usually as high up as I need to be, but I like to hover around head height to whoever I'm talking to.


What are you?

Issy: I am the most fun you'll ever have, on a good night.  ;-)

Tamsen: I'm stronger than my sister, but not as strong as momma.

Quinn: Can you be more specific?  Do you mean my profession?  Well, I used to scribe for the illiterate in my village, but lately I have taken to selling spells and building houses, magically, of course.  I let Cuthbert do the dirty work, but then he smells bad, so I prestidigitize him clean.

Dandy: Whatever I want to be.  Teehee.  *polymorphs into several multicolor frogs*


Do you have any bad habits?

Issy: Orks.  And humans.  But orks have such large...well...tusks.  ;-)

Tamsen: Sometimes Rex gives me this chewy minty stuff and then I chase my sister a lot but it's not a problem, or even a habit really.  I mean, never mind.  I ain't sayin no more.  Leave me alone!  Rawrr!

Quinn: Yes.  I occasionally allow Cuthbert to make decisions.

Dandy: You mean like making Beastnut talk to his beer?  Nope.


Are you a virgin?

Issy: ROFLMAO.  Why don't you ask around some.  Like Sir Gormegil, or Lady Knight Glorianna...???  hehehe

Tamsen: I ain't interested in makin no cubs yet!

Quinn: ... *mutters*

Dandy:  A what now?


Who's your mate/spouse? If not, got anyone in mind?

Issy:  Mori and Glori.  I was married to Scarn, but his monogamist elf came back.  And I would marry Star if he could stay still long enough.

Tamsen: Didn't I tell you I don't want no cubs?

Quinn: *scowl*  ...  I.. um... *blush* ...nevermind

Dandy:  Spouse is that thing that lets the beer out of the keg, right?  That's what we pray to the Brewmaster from.


Do you have any kids?

Issy:  I'm far too young.

Tamsen:  This is getting boring...You wanna play a game?

Quinn: Ahh, to have the leisure for a family.

Dandy:  I have a puppy that the pretty elf lady gave me.  He's green and has brown spots.


What's your favorite food?

Issy: Beer.  Oh, and bacon.  And cheese.  Bread is good too.

Tamsen: Meat.

Quinn: We've been eating nothing but sausage thanks to Nigel, but I do enjoy a nicely roasted chicken and potatoes.

Dandy: Candy.


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Issy: butterscotch

Tamsen: mint chocolate chip

Quinn: saffron

Dandy: lavender with fruit punch swirls and mango sprinkles


Have you killed anyone?

Issy: *blinkblink* mmmm, I like ice cream.  That's what we were talking about, right?

Tamsen: Yeah, lots of nasty undead thingies and bad guys.

Quinn:  An unfortunate side effect of working directly for the gods.

Dandy: Um, I think so, but they were trying to hurt my friends and one time I killed a horsey by accident but I prayed to the Brewmaster to bring her back and he did and I named her Divinity but then Trista made me let the coccooned guys have her and I was sad but then the elf lady gave me a doggy...


Do you hate anyone?

Issy: I don't hate.

Tamsen:  I hate necromancers and slaver white-belts.

Quinn:  Indeed.

Dandy:  Sometimes, but then I found out they were evil spider people.


Have any secrets?

Issy: I despise secrets.  Secrets get people killed.

Tamsen:  I know a secret; my sister is a dummyhead!

Quinn: I know a good many things that most people do not know, if that's what you mean.

Dandy: This one time, I saw Trista kiss Beastnut but he was drunk and didn't remember and, um, oops.  I wasn't supposed to tell anyone...


Do you love anyone?

Issy: I love every living thing.  Now, there are some fuckers I plain don't like.

Tamsen: I love Momma and Loreli and Daddy.

Quinn: ... *blush*

Dandy: I love my puppy and Divinity, wherever she may be.


What is your job?

Issy: I sail and make boats and fish and make jewlery and knit and massage and...

Tamsen: Keep Loreli out of trouble.

Quinn: We went through this before.  Do you realize how repetitive this is becoming?

Dandy: Recon.


Boy or girl?

Issy: Both.  At once.  Why choose?

Tamsen: I'm a little underdeveloped, but man, that's just rude!

Quinn: What on earth are you on about?  I am clearly a female.

Dandy: I'm a girl, duh!


What do you do to relax?

Issy: I sail on my boat or Mori and I go to the hotsprings.

Tamsen: Take a nap in a sunbeam.

Quinn: Read a book, memorize it, and then teleport over to the tower to discuss the book.

Dandy: I play with kids and butterflies and bubbles and sparkles.


What's something that you like?

Issy: I like it when we have a party and it doesn't get attacked by undead or Kurzinor.

Tamsen: I like it when they run away, cause then I get to chase 'em!

Quinn: I like it when they listen to me.  I'm often right.

Dandy: I like upside-down time!


Where do you like to sleep?

Issy: Somewhere soft and warm.

Tamsen: Curled up next to my sister and my daddy, and momma, when she was alive.  I miss momma.

Quinn: Anywhere that's not next to Nigel.  He snores terribly loudly.

Dandy: I don't like to sleep.  It's not as much fun as awakeing.