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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

left out

This is really angsty of me, but I am feeling really left out and overlooked. I found out last night that some friends of mine threw a surprise party for another friend and I wasn't invited. The kicker is, my roommate was invited, and went, and lied to me about what she was going out of town for, and I don't know that she has any more connection to them than I do. I am really hurt by this.


I don't know if it helps, but I'm really looking forward to seeing you this weekend for the few hours I'm going to be around on Saturday.

You're one of those people that I wish I saw more often. You should come to Maine to visit :)

- Jen


Maine is a long way to go without a car. :-/
(Note that tone doesn't carry well, or I wouldn't have to say this next bit is a ribbing.) Not that I was invited to Baby Michael's birthday party either, miss!
I like hanging out with you too, especially now that i'm not deathly afraid of my crafty side.

Re: Maine

Oh God! I'm so sorry! Is that what you were talking about? Now I feel like a total and complete ass.

My only excuse (and it isn't a good one but it's all I've got) is that we were limited to how many people we could invite as we were having it my MIL's house. There were a lot of people I didn't invite that I would have liked to. T was at my baby shower so I didn't want to exclude her.

I am so, so, so sorry. Even worse (if you haven't heard already) but we won't be able to make it to Caldaria tomorrow, either, as baby Michael is ill. He was running a temperature last night of 103.8.

Damn and double damn. I TOTALLY owe you. Let's talk about my coming to visit some weekend this Autumn.


Re: Maine

Nono. That wasn't what I was talking about, hun! It was something sompletely different. I was just ribbing you about that.

I hadn't heard you won't be around for the event. Major WAH! Wanted to show you the nifty bead stuffs I made. *pout*

There should definately be visiting of some sort.

Re: Maine

Yeah, we just decided this morning. It totally rots but we wouldn't feel good about taking baby away from home when he's not feeling well.

I do want to see your beady things, though! How exciting! I haven't beaded in forever, babies + small edible beads aren't a good mix ;)


that fucking sucks.

Not just the not invited part, but the lying part. *hugs*

I'm sorry, hon.

I can't wait to see you this wknd!

Re: that fucking sucks.

One would think I would get used to this sort of thing.
Can Lark and Issy hang out this weekend?

Re: that fucking sucks.

1. YOu shouldn't have to get used to it. I hope you're able to talk about it with the person and sort everything out.

2. I wish we'd spent more time together! But yes, Lark and Issy should talk more, and with the whole Patria thing, let's surely do some email stuff or something, plotwise, that lets them become better friends, etc! :) (I mean, "better friends and helps Issy become an 'Ansconi' not 'more than friends.' Heh. Didn't want to confusticate you.

Re: that fucking sucks.

Oddly enough, Issy isn't interested in Lark that way. Probably she's too tame. Issy has a bent for moody, tragic charachters. *shrug*

Re: that fucking sucks.

Oh, that narrows it down. :)
It's cool - Lark's not "interested" in Issy either! Although she thinks Issy is faboo!