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led astray

January 2013

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flake, sans frosting

Yeah.  I flaked out this weekend.  There were things I said I would do that I didn't.  I didn't call to cancel.  I didn't email.  I just sat on the couch in a fog.  Sorry to those I dissapointed.  This isn't like me.  I'm not like me lately.  

Many gracious thanks to my adopted brothers for helping me out yesterday and this morning.  One kept me sane for hours over the phone.  One motivated me to do the mundane but seriously important things I needed to do (get the fuck out of bed at 3pm, shower, eat something).  And then this morning, the hoyce came over at 5:15 in the fucking morning to sit with me and make sure I got up, showered, dressed, fed, and out of the house.  I couldn't have done it without you.  And I don't know how to thank you.  If I win, you're totally getting a new car and a non-fuzzy smoking jacket and a sword cane and a tweed suit.  Just 'cause.

I'm not doing well, but I am doing.  I miss me.


We figured something had come up, so no worries. ::big hugs:: Anything I can do to help?
Yes. Take care of your child and let other folks take care of me. :-P
Perhaps I try again this weekend?
We're heading up to VT on Saturday, but we're not doing anything on Sunday if you wanna come up?
Anytime, anywhere. And you don't have to do anything to thank me. Just be you. :)
Probably going to call on you for a couple more weeks until I get back into the routine. (((hug))) I see a burrito in your future...

And, as an added benifit, you may even get me going to sleep at a decent hour this way!

Maybe we need to come up there and do henna or something? I know it's late in the season, but still..... Thai food? knitting? :)
Henna makes knitting unlikely, so no henna. Knitting is way cooler. Do you knit? I can teach you if you don't. It's like riding a bicycle. :-) It's nice to see you around again, btw.
Do I knit? Do I KNIT? :) Yes. I knit. :) I should drag all my yarn up to you, yarn I will never get around to using.

P.S. I can still henna your feets or something whilst you knit!!!! They aren't mutually exclusive activities :) It's just kind of cold for henna now...... and better for knitting. :)
I'm free from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon this weekend. I never knew you knit, though it doesn't suprise me one bit.
Unfortunately, I am busy all weekend. :( But - let us try to plan a weekend soon!