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led astray

January 2013

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long weekend

1) Columbus did not discover America.  Not to mention he was looking for India.  And he was a slaver and torturer and an out and out prick.  (Don't believe me?  Read his journals.)  Why we 'celebrate' this man is beyond my powers of reasoning.

2) Regardless, I do enjoy having a day off.

3) Went to see Resident Evil 3.  My review is thus (no spoilers): It's not as good as 2, which was not as good as 1.  Even Milla, while still a hottie on her own power, spends the movie filthy (yet overly made-up) and I didn't want to touch her until the very end.  And, um, I think they left an opening for a 4th installment, but it would be hard to pull off, and if they don't make a 4th, I'm dissapointed at the lack of answers to this installment.

4) Yes, you can drown your plants.  Pay attention to them.  They are living things and don't necessarily fit into your pre-determined measurements and regiments.  

5) The watching of RE3 led to a haircut.  I now have Alice's haircut from 2.  She's still way hotter in it than I will ever be, but I think it looks cute.  And I like it.  Pouting and telling me you're sad will no longer make me feel bad about my decisions.  If you like long hair so much, grow your own out and stop trying to passive-agressively mold me.  I like my hair short.  It makes me happy.

6) Tink is still the best pet ever.

7) Always ask if the 'roasted corn and black bean salsa' has a shitload of raw onions, diced too small to removed, before ordering a dish covered in it.  One should not assume that everyone's roasted corn and black bean salsa will be made like one's own.

8) I still have grand plans to breed out the stupid gene.  And no, that does not make me Hitler.  It's a fucking joke.  Lighten up.

9) I'm really tired of school and work and commuting and blahblahblah.  One more year.  However, since you didn't listen, brain, we begin the post-it note treatment plan tonight.

10) 10 more hours to go.


1) Word.
2) True dat.
3) Meh.
4) That I did know.
5) I'll tell you whatever I think about your hair. So there!
6) Don't forget cuteset.
7) Yay dislike of salsa!
8) I have simliar plans. They involve a flame thrower.
9) ...
10) meh.
> She's still way hotter in it than I will ever be,

Bah, don't sell yourself short. I think you look better than her.