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led astray

January 2013

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RIP Issalura

Best. Perm. Ever!!!   

I couldn't have written a better way to end her story if I had planned it.  The culmination of a 6 year plotline she got involved with the day it came into game.  An epic battle to save the world.  Breaking in mind and spirit.  Sacrificing herself during the last battle to weaken the enemy.  Failure to ressurect.  And reincarnation as an evolved being (plot NPC) to continue the fight against the darkness after her time on this plane was done.  Finally finding peace for her tortured spirit.  Talk about epic.  That 's the short version.  And I have to pat myself on the back for my makeup job Sunday.  People were asking me OOG if I was feeling ok.  Even HtM, who watched me put it on got worried a couple times. :-D  And then I got a chance to wash it off before I rifted back in so I was all bright eyed and rosy cheeked again.  I was proud of that litle touch.  I hope I entertained the people I RP'd with towards the end.  I freaked Bobo out when his biata went into my head.  heehee  And now I'm free.  I love that character, but she had gotten difficult to play as Good as I wanted her to be.  And now I don't owe her anything.  I did all I could for her.  She went out the way she always wanted, being the reluctant hero, but the eager martyr.  So here's to a sweet little sailor who only wanted people to be good to one another!


Holy crap, Issy permed????

I'm glad she at least went out with an epic bang :)
Oh, yes ma'am! I did it all this weekend, made people laugh, cry, scream, whisper, and ecen barf (IG)! I won (the LARP formerly known as) NERO!
Welcome to the "I Won Nero" Club! I threw my primary character into hell to save the world, and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt.

It was a fitting way to end a 5-6 year old character who, as you said, was too good to keep playing.
Right the heck on. :)
Lhasa's going to be very sad.

In other news, congrats on winning! :) I'm glad you got to play in a way that you found satisfying. :)
Perhaps, but I think she would have done the same if it were her choice to make. :-)

Hail the victorious dead!

Henry and John rez, I run up to the cabin, grab my food and drinks, get just back to rounding the corner by the OoL, and run into Jesse. He tells me you didn't make it, and I just drop everything and collapse in a pile. Talking about breaking poor Rhys' heart. ::laughs:: Stellar, stellar job, with a perfect ending. Just wished Rhys had been able to talk with her in between the two battles.

Re: Hail the victorious dead!

There wasn't really any "talking" going on with Issy Sunday morning. hehehe She was broken back on herself. Iggy went in her head and puked from what he saw there! *evil grin*