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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I'm in school.  It's going well.  My classes are interesting and fun.  I'm even eager to do my homework some days.  But I am occasionally annoyed to have to put down my knitting to go to class.  Ah, well.  My grandmother, in a political manuever, sent me a box of yarn.  Great.  I asked her not to when I first started knitting, and here's why; the box full of yarn she sent me was not only pastels, but 100% acrylic.  Now before you start in with how ungrateful I am, I have a very good (in my mind) reason for not wearing acrylic.  It makes me stink.  I asked her not to buy me yarn because I knew she would go to a flea market and buy a bunch of cheap yarn that I will never wear and tell herself she's doing me a service.  Some days I dislike being right.  I do have some more civic minded friends however, and it was suggested that I make hats, booties, and blankets for babies and donate them to local hospitals and shelters.  Good idea.  Nothing goes to waste, I get to knit, and some kids stay warm this winter.  And I speak with many plurals because there is a metric assload of yarn.  I think I'll be able to get some good stitch definition and practice some cables and fancy stitches that I couldn't normally do with my chunky wools and thin alpacas.  Go figure, my stuff leans toward earth tones and rustic.

I've been going to bed at 9:30pm.  I get up at 5am.  I go to work, then class, and sometimes back to work.  Hopefully there will be some rehersals thrown in there soon.  My weekends through October are BOOKED.   Hopefully they will all be fun and ultra warm through the magic of knitting.


Yah - charity work would be a great use for all that yarn. I know a charity project providing snuggly blankets for dogs and cats, so acrylics would be perfect - washable! And hospitals are almost always looking for hats, blankets, and sweaters for the NICU babies.
I *think* this stuff is soft enough for little ones. I got a hat and I enlisted sylvanstargazer to aid me in the endeavor.
That's a wonderful idea that makes a lot of people happy! You get to satisfy the knitting urge, grandma's gift-yarn gets used up, and little babies get to stay warm. I think that's the perfect solution!

I have the opposite problem: on occasion, people give me wool yarn, and I am highly allergic. If I do get some, perhaps we can have a trade!
Oh, no! Allergic to wool? That am sad.
Oh yes, that am sad indeed, especially since every Autumn there is a HUUUUGE Wool & Sheep Festival just south of here at the Duchess County fairgrounds. Huge. I went one year, and couldn't touch anything except the llamas, bunnies, and border collie puppies. So sad!
if you're looking for an easy place to donate your knit kid-stuff then drop them off in the bin at the Starbucks :) I made the bins myself and plan on leaving some knit things there as well :) They'll go to Cradles 2 Crayons an organization that helps provide goods for homeless kids :)
How long is it going to be there?
it is supposed to be there year round