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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

so much

There is so much going on.  My mind is having trouble keeping up with new developments.  Things are pretty much ok.  It sucks that my insurance will only cover the cost of one of my perscriptions for the year and not the other 2.  Still feeling the lingering effects of China on my wallet.  

Saw Stardust last night.  Um... it was pretty.  Fucking Hollywood.  Why do they have to ruin everything?!?  Neil, why did you let them do that to your book??  I think it's fair to say the movie was "based on" the book, and not meant to be an accurate representation thereof.  The theatre was nigh empty.  Opening weekend.  Now I know why.

I need to get organized.


Any chance the pharmaceutical companies which make the non-covered meds has a program for low-cost meds?

Bummer to hear how far the Stardust movie strayed from the book
We just saw Stardust this afternoon - we knew nothing about it until just before we left and were checking out movie times online. I had no idea there was a book, at the very least this makes me interested in reading it.

The movie, we thought, was pretty okay - decent-though-predictable love story (Michael considers it more of a chick flick), some nice fantasy themes, and a few really amusing moments. I tend to get annoyed by little editing gaffes, such as Michelle Pfeiffer-as-crone laughing maniacally with her yellowed teeth only to show the insides of her molars were never touched up post-production and were shining white, things like that ;) I enjoyed the Big Gay Boat Ride theme, a couple of moments of DiNiro's performance made me laugh.


Yeah, I had heard some not very good stuff about the film as well. I absolutely loved the book and am partway through reading it aloud to Loofah. I think we'll wait for Netflix.. *sigh* I do still want to see it, but now I think I'll go into it with much lower expectations -- might enjoy it better that way, I suppose!

What's odd to me is hearing about how much they changed it around, and yet I felt like the book was very cinematic when I read it and would require very little tweaking to make a good film...

The BBC version of Neverwhere was pretty damn cool, though. :) Have you seen it?

Re: Blargh

I didn't. I have a copy of the book, but I stopped reading it because it's MISSING PAGES DAMNIT!!!

Re: Blargh

*gasp!* Oh horrors!! I had that happen to me once and I nearly comitted hari kari... "OMG, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!??!? ARRHGHRHGHGHHHHH!!" :)