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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

death-eater cat

Ok, Oscar the cat is uncanny.  But I don't think he is alone.  I've always felt that cats can sense what's going on in the other animals around them.  Whenever someone in the houseis sick, Boo and Tink will stop and check in on them throughout the day.  When I've been crying, Tink will come sit next to me, not demanding pets, just sitting with me.  Opie used to sit on top of my homework in HS.  Cats may not be as smart or obedient as some other highly appreciated animals, but they can empathize like nobody's business.


My cats can totally tell when I want to feed them. I apparently want to feed them all the time!
Spike comes and sits with me with I'm sick - and when I cry he practically attacks my face licking away the tears ;) oh and if you have a scrape or a cut and you don't put a bandaid on it he will do the animal thing and try and lick it to heal it
Oh yeah - cats are majorly empathic. Most people seem to miss out on how empathic they are because many cats are stoic, and therefore don't lick your face all over or something overt. They just sit with you and give you the space to be upset or sick, while still being there for you.
See my cat, Wanka, was never especially affectionate. He really didn't give a damn if you were sick or feeling low or what.

My dog Magoo on the other hand...he was the very picture of empathy. If Mom or I was laying on the couch sick or sad he'd come over and put his head on it, or on your lap if we were sitting, and just stay there keeping you company until you were better. He was clearly saddened that you were low. He was a good dog.