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led astray

January 2013

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My limbs feel like they are made of putty.  They're heavy, goopy, and don't really feel like moving around by themselves.  Legs too.  And eyelids, back, feet, ect.  I am getting plenty of sleep.  I'm getting more exercise by walking to the train (about a mile) at least once a day when I go to work.  I'm knitting again.  So what the fuck, body?  Went to the doc today.  She suggests cutting my paxil in half to see if that helps.  If I don't feel better in 2 weeks, I am to get a complete physical to make sure we didn't miss anything last time.  I would like to stop being too tired to even watch a movie.  i don't feel like doing anything but I'm bored the second I stop doing something.  Argh!  I have shit to do!  I want to get this over with!  C'mon body.  WORK WITH ME!!!  Fucktard.  *insert more bitching and moaning here, i'm tired of typing*


So sorry...

*hugs* I wish you were feeling better, hon. I kinda know how you feel, but probably not quite to the extent you've experienced. I've had a lot of days lately of being tired and not wanting to do anything, but being bored to tears when I'm not up to my ears in stuff to do. Restless, yet wanting to just space out. I find myself getting annoyed at the stupidest things too. :P

*sigh* Maybe some planet is in the "house of ennui" and another is in the "house of fidgety-ness" right now. ;)

Re: So sorry...

Thanks, doll. (((hug)))