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led astray

January 2013

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do what?


It can stop being damp out. I prefer not to have to drink my air, thank you.
Politics suck.
Money sucks.
Religion sucks.
Everyone should just agree with me about everything. Blah, blah, take away variety and individuality. I care not. I'll be happy with a world full of me's because people will stop fucking fighting and hoarding and wasting and being bigger assholes than necessary. Maybe. Unless they're all me when I'm hungry. Then things could get really ugly. And with so many hungry people, maybe I should recant...


I've been saying this for years...except that everyone should think like *ME*.

I feel some sort of concert for the boy in the...dress? in your icon. He looks as if he's expecting a beating...and *HUGS*
He's concerned because there's a part of that play where he hits her with a shoe and he knew I was in the audience. :)

From the look on his face, it almost seems like he's anticipating Mags violating him with more than just a shoe...haha vulnerable men hahahah!
In that scene I'm wigging out with MPD as a dominatrix determined to shave the world!!! It was really amusing. The guy in the pic was the director. He was playing my mom.
If the world was full of people the same as you - would we all look the same as you? I'd be down with that. But would we all be actresses then too? Because then who would run the grocery store or farm the food for all of our hunger needs? And how would we all fall in love - I tend to love those who are different than me in most ways . . . it seems like it might get complicated. ;)
btw - I LOVE all of the new icons :)
They don't have to be clones of me. They don't have to have the same jobs or interests, just the same ideas about the world and how to treat people and stuff like that.