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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

knitting and such

I made a really cute hat this weekend.  And it even fits this time.  And I found a pattern for the dress I've been wanting to make and got a ton of yarn for.  Well, it's not what i wanted exactly, but it's neat and I want to do something to get this yarn out of my stash.  The yarn must flow!  I've got the knitting bug back.  I did what I think is a brilliant thing.  I took the awsome pattern book and razored all the pages out and hole-punched them and put them in a binder so it will sit flat while I knit.  Thanks to Jen for the idea.  It took a long time and was a pain, but well worth the effort.  

I haven't been calling people since I got back from China.  I got scolded by Grandma for being ungrateful for the $ she gave me for the trip.  Then I had to walk her through figuring out how to look at my deviantart page rather than giving her access to either of my blogs.  That's the last thing I need.

Have 2 papers to write this month.  One is really interesting and I don't mind doing.  The other will be a drag and it's 10-12 pages.  Ugh.  What was I thinking, taking a 400 lvl anthro class?!?


:) yay for knitting and patterns and getting the yarn (and creativity) flow going!

Bummer on Grandma scolding you... that really sucks. I'm sure you were plenty grateful for the financial assistance!

Anthro.... nice :) Since Druid and I both anthro-geek from time to time, if we can help you at all with the unpleasant paper, let us know. Even if it's just helping you find an aspect of the topic that's fascinating so it's not so boring to do, we're happy to help
Sure. It's the final contemporary Native American Issues paper that I got an extension for.
Oh, cool! Yeah, we can help you with that. And to quote the Druid, "Come on up!" for this weekend :)
Is your little happy face knitting?

I've been wanting to Thesis work again. Perhaps we can be cranky and schoolworky together.
I was going to say that I like your little happy face - and hoyce, it totally looks like it's knitting so now I like it even more!! :)

now I must go back to finishing my homework due tonight - ugh

I'd rather be knitting :(