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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

try again

I tried to post a fairly lengthy post yesterday and failed on 3 attempts.  I don't remember what all I said.  It was mostly updates and yarn and China.  I leave tomorrow at 4AM.

I hate drama.  I hate seeing people in abusive relationships defending their abuser.  I seriously dislike uninformed gossip, especially of the kind directed spitefully at me.

China.  No drama in China.  2 weeks drama free.  There will be stress, but just the stress of making sure i remebmer to put deet on and iodine in my water.  Stress over what souveniers to get my friends.  I'm going to see ancient relics of a bygone era.  The people wern't better, but the architecture sure was.  On my days off?  I'm going temple hopping.  I'm going to sit and pray and meditate and be calm and clear my head and my heart.  And then take massive ammounts of pictures.


In case I haven't said it, have an AWESOME trip! Glad you could make it happen!
LJ has been eating long posts as they go through an upswell in traffic, sadly, so sometimes you have to post them in parts to get it all up. Stupid LJ.

Uninformed gossip is a fucking plague, I swear. If any of it happens to float past me, I'll be sure to set the gossip-mongerer straight. So much BS, so little time to get people to *think* before repeating it.

If you can, though I know this sounds weird, I would be elated if you could bring back a small vial of soil from China for me. That would be an awesome souvenir for me :) and yeah, it's free!
Very happy for China trip. No nuking.

Spiteful at you? Hoyce smash?

So glad to hear the China trip worked out! Congratulations. :)

Drama blows chunks. So do abusive relationships. Sometimes I think that relationships that are mentally abusive are even worse than the physically abusive ones... (speaking somewhat from experience).

Anyways, watch out for Mongolians!! *big hugs* Enjoy your trip...