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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

It was a pretty mild day. Went to work this morning and finished revising my English paper. Then I went to class and heard a native American woman speak. She talked about a Pow-Wow in MA in July. I want to go. The presentation (guided meditation) for religion, politics, sex, and violence class went really well. I think. Guess i'll find out. No classes for a week. Got to my hunnie's place and he was getting his IV hooked up. There was tasty soup and experimentally toasted rice and popcorn. Not a bad day, which makes it a pretty good day comparitively. My bank account is doing weired things in my favor. Still stressed about the $1000 I owe the school. I don't know which orifice they expect me to pull that out of, or what I am going to do. I can't register for next semester untill I pay it. That starts a chain of events I don't even want to contemplate. Badness. Lots of badness. *sigh* What's a broke girl to do? I have been told that even nude modeling won't make me enough money in enough time. So I will continue to give myself an ulcer.



Nude modeling can't be good! Although I'm sure you'd be good at it.

Wish I had some better advice. :P



I can give you some of that money.. depending on when you need it.

It's two weeks of my pay, and my bills are at an all time low.. (plus I can save up for a few weeks, and would scaresely notice the impact)

let me know.

Thanks for the moral support and encouragement guys. (((hugs)))