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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

vanity poll

Should I get dreadlocks?

Pros:If I am going to do it, now is the time, when I am young and my job won't care. I don't have to worry about bad hair days. I like the way they look.

Cons:Eric doesn't like the way they look. When I get tired of them, they will have to be cut out, leaving me with short hair, which Eric also doesn't like. I am afraid they will be difficult to keep clean.

So what do you guys think?


I personally don't like dreadlocks. However, my opinion, as well as Eric's, really doesn't mean a thing. If you want dreadlocks, get them! You're right, you should totally do this while you can. I've missed out on the days where I could have purple hair. Now I'm stuck dying it boring everyday colors because work would have something to say if I came in with Purple hair.

Have as much fun while you can! You'll have the rest of your life to worry about what other people think. :)
I like they way they look, especially neat, well kept ones, and ones that are artsy (different colors, beads and decorations hanging from them). Thing about Eric is, well, he's the one who has to look at them all the time.

fake hair all the way

I would experiment with fake hair. Check out the fakehair community here on lj. Get some yarn and braid it into your hair, or have a friend do it for you. Or get fake hair and make it into dreads. Poke the web a lot for fake hair resources. Fake hair is great, relatively cheap, and temporary. You can get yarn in a lot of ill colors if you want, even natural ones. I would definitely try fake hair before going with the real stuff.

Oh, and at the risk of sounding totally unpopular, I would take Eric's thoughts into consideration somewhat. How much is up to you. :)

Re: fake hair all the way

Fake hair?? You mean like a wig? I thought about doing braids too, but figured dreads would be cheaper, and i've seen whitegirls with braids that poof when it rains. Like a halo.

And I am taking Eric's feelings into consideration, which is part of the debate I am having with myself.

Re: fake hair all the way

No, I don't mean like a wig. I mean like, loose fake hair, made into dreads and then braided or otherwise semi permanently attached into your realy hair. A wig. Please. *giggle*

I know you are taking Eric's feelings into consideration. I wanted to lend my support to that, as opposed to sound like I thought you shouldn't take them into consideration. ;)

I think you would look hella cute with dreads! It is a commitment though, so I understand the hesitation. Fake hair is a great way to go to see if you like the look, without a huge committment.

Good luck! :D


I had real dreds for a year. I'd say don't get them unless you have very curly hair. Mine never really looked like tentacles, which is what I was going for. When I got them removed, I discovered they were all growing mold on the inside near the root. Man was that nasty.

Re: mold

That's gross. Ever since the health class where I learned about ring worm, I am mildly obsessive about having dry hair, and refuse to put it up when it's wet. But that is definately making me think harder about it. Maybe braids would be better.