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led astray

January 2013

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The audition went pretty well.  I'll hear back on Wednesday.

Went to sistahraven's place to celebrate her birthday.  Had cake for dinner and lunch the next day.  Mmmmmm, cake.  Sweater is nnnnnnearly done.  Have to make a few adjustments.  Armholes too small, but correctable.  Add neck/hood, and buttons/holes.  Then I can work on some softer stuff.  Make a few things for NERO.  The usual.  Getting my teeth cleaned today.  And the price went up.  Swell.  But it's stitch 'n bitch night, so I'll most likely finish the sweater tonight.  'Course I said that last night too.

We got WrestleMania last night and made chili and were silly.  It was nice and mellow.  And there was room for everyone to sit.

I want this semester to be over.  I  can hardly wait to have 2 semesters of only classes I want.  Oh, yes.  Independant studies with my favorite profs and theatre classes all the way.  Boy howdy.

And I knickel and dimed my tax return away.  Man, I can be irresponsible sometimes.  But the important thing is that I can still cover rent and bills and LARP.  And I'm feeling nigh satisfied with my yarn stash.  I have enough to get me through the spring anyway.  The driving urge to buy yarn is finally fading.  Now I have the driving urge to knit up what I've got.  Which is better for the time being.

I seriously need to get more exercise.  Seriously.  I was sore all weekend just from the audition.  I was jumping and reaching and crawling around being fey for the guy, but it shouldn't have been quite so taxing. 

I can feel my mind trying to swim up out of this funk I've been in.  Now to make my body follow through.

Oh, and I should add that my boyfriend rocks my world.  'Cause he does.  And not just in the sex way.