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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Ok.  Countdown.  1 paper.  1 presentation. 2 midterms. ...no glasses yet.  I really hope they come in today.  Seriously.  I need them to get through tonight and tomorrow with less aggrivation. 

I'm awsome.  I made butternut ravioli (with the help of my hunnie) and they were FRIKKIN GOOD!  But they take a loooong time to make.  I used the leftover filing in some cornbread, with not bad results.

The eye doc reccomended this over the counter eye nighttime ointment for my dry eyes and it's brilliant.  When I wake up it doesn't hurt to open my eyes.  That's a considerable improvement.


Mmmm... butternut ravioli... mebbe I can show you a couple quick-tricks for making ravioli? My big quick trick is using wonton wrappers for it - no having to roll out the pasta, and they're *yummy*

Maybe we could have a big ravioli making day, and then you could freeze a whole bunch up :) I love making ravioli.

Right on that the drops at night have been helping! I might have to give that a shot
I was using wonton wrappers. It still took too long.

The eye stuff is GenTeal PM Ointment. And the drops are GenTeal. The preservative evaporates or something when it hits your eye, so less irritation. But I might have to try the gel drops.
ooooh. That's awesome. I have trouble with the preservative stuff in eye drops. I'll have to try it.

Bummer on the wontons taking a long time. It's tough to get the knack of separating them, wetting them, and getting it all assembled.