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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

somewhat stressed

Or, some what?  Stressed?  Yes, I'll have that and a side of fries and a lemon wedge.

Why?  Nothing special or dramatic.  Mostly midterm and paper stress.  This weekend I have a lot of work and studying to do.  And I bounced 3 checks because I was being dopey and counting what was in and not what was out.  My fault entirely.  And $75 in fees.  Great.  Oh, and my insurance apparantly only covers 20 therapy sessions and I'm at 13 and we're still in the getting to know you phase.  And Im having akwardness with one of the roomies.  I don't want to get into it, but I can't please all the people all the time, and I should learn to account for those I don't please living under the same roof when deciding whom to please.  It was -14 last night and it's supposed to hit 49 by tomorrow afternoon.  I expect another round of colds in the apartment which I hope to avoid participating in.  And not having a microwave at work sucks.  I have the water heater at least and can get some hot tea when I can't feel my fingers.  Oh, and I have an appointment Monday to have my eyes checked.  I would like to stop squinting.  It makes computer-based research rather difficult and tedious, quite the opposite of what it is intended to be.  But this afternoon I intend to clean.  I make a mess during the week.


Meep about the insurance company. The good thing is, most therapy limits are not as set in stone as they seem. If you can, call up their mental health department and ask if your plan is a "parody plan" - meaning your therapist can ask for more sessions depending on certain circumstances (your agoraphobia alone should cover those circumstances) and they'll usually meter out ten extra sessions at a time beyond the twenty.

and ::hugs!!::
Thanks. We're going to have a little chat next session about what she's doing for me. (((hug)))