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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

and now a real post

I have been having an anxiety flare-up, causing a wave of agoraphobia. I missed a week's worth of classes and I'm making up 5 hours of work today that I skipped on Wednesday. And of course I'm kicking myself for it, making the anxiety worse. I've been knitting. Big shock. We have nre furniture. It's awsome and huge. Things will settle down some. The last 2 weeks have been hectic and now I'm ready for some good old routine again. I miss my boyfriend. I've been out of the house so much lately that I only see him long enough to sleep. On the other hand, taking a few days off has allowed me some quality time with revenant. I just want to stay at home and knit. Oh. The perils of ordering yarn online has laden me with coral yarn that looked yellow on the site. It's really nice and super soft, but it's not at all what I need for Glorianna. I don't see her as a soft coral/peach wearing kinda lady. Ah well. But I made my sister a pretty neato handbag from the rest of the malabrigo stonechat. It's still drying. I tried to felt it some just for durability. Might have to try again. But it looks awsome and if I were a handbag kind of girl I'd keep it and make her something else. I should really get some reading done today and tomorrow at work. Weekends at home are not conducive to such things because I use most of my willpower taking the T every day and have little left with which to resist the company of my family.


Been that kind of a week all around I think.

Thanks bro. (((hugs back)))
::big hugs:: Sending good vibes your way.
Thanks. Could you send some motivation too? Homework isn't being as fascinating as knitting...
Sure! That one's easy for me to send, I have extra motivation that I can't use from couch-rest :)