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led astray

January 2013

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luck is a different lady

I created a new LARP character after being informed that a system I was not involved in allowed for the creation of fey PCs (female only). And there was a feast event (no combat) last night where I unveiled my creation. Her name is Saalwheth and she is a mist/fog Kia (fey). She got a free (IG) meal, got a job, won 12 gold worth of copper pieces in a contest she didn't enter (someone entered on her behalf) and purchased her very own Scotsman. I would say she was lady luck last night. I am hoping to go to the store in character (sans blue face) and purchase a lottery ticket in hopes that luck is still with her.

I went to see a show in RI with sylvanstargazer and her man and his sister the night before. The show was a one-act followed by 3 shorts all having to do with persecution. It was pretty good. It didn't rock my world.

I hope the snow won't interfere with the couch delivery tomorrow. It may, however, interfere with the jacuzzi plans for this evening. By the way, does anyone know if it is customary to tip furniture delivery drivers?


As far as I know, tipping is not expected for furniture delivery drivers. If they're exceptionally good an friendly, I will, but I don't think it's customary (if it is, I've been lax!).

Nice going with the Kia :) Having a lady luck character would be awesome