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led astray

January 2013

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Thinking about buying a plane?

*Subject quoted from my hunnie's comedic riff after seeing a commercial for Boeing.  No, really.

I'm reading my homework from my Media Analysis class.  It makes me ill.  Not the class, the media.  I'm in the Marxist Analysis chapter, and I really think he hit the mark in identifing the problems, but is idelistic about the solution.  I now have at least one person who won't discuss economic theory with me (notably an affluent white male who heard about a conversation I had with another friend).  I can't point out enough of what makes sense to me without writing an essay, and I have enough homework, thank you.  But let's hear it for my poor friends who know where I'm comming from!  Heh.  I should post the pic I took of Socialist graffiti on campus.  It's a great summation.

In less heated news, I just read a play called "Miss Julie" by August Strindburg (Strindberg?).  It was pretty much awsome.  In the author's preface he makes clear that his intent is very different from my modern feminist interpretation, but as he insists that women are inherently inferior (that's the play's foundation), I choose to render it in my own reality, making it instead about learned bevavior and the nature of social classes.


I'd actually like to read your Marx Analasys chapter when you don't need the book for class anymore.

Your rich white guy classmate sounds a lot like Regina the Home School Lady...

Ah, the joys of Marxism and Socialism discussion. That's all sorts of rubbing some people the wrong way ;)

Wow... I don't think I've ever read "Miss Julie". I find it interesting that it's intent and an interpretation could be so varied, but I think that's pretty cool. Having a wide range of interpretation is a fascinating thing :)