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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

early semester

This semester I'm working M,W,F from 8am-1pm, and Saturday, 8-7.  That means I leave my house at 6:30am.  Of my origional 5 Tu-Th classes, 2 got cancelled.  I have to have at least 4 to get my full financial aid package, so I picked up a catalog and was flipping through it trying to find a filler class.  Now, I have complained on many occasions about the conditions of the women's bathroom.  I went upstairs to a less frequented bathroom than the one on the first floor in hopes of finding it cleaner.  I waited for a stall, and who should come out but one of my professors from freshman year who I got on well with (despite having actually burst out in tears in one class after a particularly touching video).  I asked her about classes and if she had time for an independant study.  Well, no, but she did have this great 400-level class called Contemporary Native American Issues (I expect to cry again in this class and frequently go home ripshit) and could I take it because I would really like it and she would love to have me in it, ect.  Well, it just happened to fit perfectly in my schedule.  Coincidence?

Tons of reading this semester.  Metric assloads, even.  And finals time is going to suck.  No easy monologues or scenes this semester.  Papers.  All of them.  And long ones.  Stupid upper level classes.  *grumble*  

I got 1 more hank of yarn for grandma's hat because that's all they had.  If I want more I'll have to special order it, pre-paid.  And I don't know if I'll have enough of the malabrigo sea colored one to finish what i'm working on for JP.  But I guess I could special order that too.


Or you could ask me to get some for you! I can do that too :)

I can send you my skein?

*bats eyes* give me a couple weeks untill my excess check gets in so I can pay you
I'm glad you found a class that worked out! That sounds great. Yeah, my last semester of college was intense pain, between the seminars and papers and final design projects. It's like they spent the first couple of years fooling you into a false sense of ease and then they spring the heavy work on you. Still, I know you'll pull it together, because you always do, and will have wonderful material to take with you to grad school.

I need to go yarn shopping, although I have no idea when I'll have time. My hat I started is nearly finished; now just to find someone who wears peach...
Yay on finding a class that fit in well! If'n you need any assistance, I know lots on that particular topic, and lots of good folks to talk with if you need to do interviews or something similar.

I'm planning on hitting the local yarnery this weekend, and I'll see if they have malabrigo and pick some up if I see the right color :)