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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Yesterday was exhausting.  We helped our friend move, and he was living on the third floor.  And I'm out of shape.  

We got a gift basket from the old man that was filled with yummy things.  It was nice.  And unexpected.  And of course I felt all the inappropriate guilt and trepidation that recieving gifts gives me and tried not to show it.  I think I failed.

Later on, we went out to dinner at the all you can eat meat on a stick place.  It was tasty.  It was tasty right up until I tried to eat Thumper.  Hoyce warned me, but I had to try for myself.  I couldn't even swalloe the bite I took.  It was so foul I had to choke back vomiting.  And when they came around with another skewer of it later, the smell alone made me want to vomit.  So I learned my new thing for that day.  *shiver of revulsion*  And then there's the guilt of knowing the eco-unfriendliness of eating more meat than necessary.  But it was so tasty.  Anyway, I have to officially declare that Hoyce was once again right.  Rabbit = ick.


It must've been domesticated rabbit - that shit tastes *foul*. I about lost it when I had it for the first time.

Wild rabbit is significantly more yummy, but much harder to come by without going out and hunting one for yourself. If'n I ever come across some wild rabbit meat, I'll happily save you a bite (or just a sniff). It's like pork, but fluffy and more flavorful.
Really the fact that it was a meat that *I* didn't like should have been a big clue. :)

I'm still glad you came with us, even though you can't eat as much meat as the rest of us.