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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

another thing I swore I would never do

I learned how to knit.  If I had known that you could make eat, soft, wearable things that didn't look like a doily, I might have taken it up long ago.  But as  child living with my grandparents I only ever saw old people knitting hideous things in terrible colors that felt like torture deveces.

I spent the weekend in Maine with some friends.  It was great.  One can barely go 10 minutes in thier house without being assaulted by furry affection, and that is my idea of heaven.  Even the 3 year old human child didn't terrify me.  So maybe it's not children exactly that frighten me, but children with bad parents.  They still make me nervous and I have a definitive tolerance level, but I can be touched by now 2 children, and even occasionally engage in activities that might be considered playing.  There was breakfast and shopping and laughter and hugs and it was a real nice time.  Thanks to everyone involved.  

New med adjustment seems to be going really well. 


:) It was such a great weekend. It must be repeated in the near future :D
I too resisted the wonder that is knitting for the LONGEST time! It wasn't until two years ago when my brother got me the Klutz kids' knitting book for Christmas when I discovered that there was nothing to fear. (OK, so I'm still afraid of knitting patterns; they look WAY too much like serious math!)

Sometimes I think about when we lived together, and I really wish I was in a better mental state back then. We could have been so crafty together! :( We'll have to have some kind of hippy commune weekend sometime, yes!
I wasn't in a good space back then either. (((hug))) I'm all over the hippie commune weekend!
Damn Hippies!!!
Come hug the hippie. It's good for the soul.
Perhaps in next carpool.
I'm so glad you came. The cats are all depressed now ;)